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Есть инфа по нему?

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День добрый братцы.
Есть инфа по этому перцу? http://vk.com/businessbet
Что скажете?



Да таких клоунов уже несколько тысяч в интернете расплодилось. Если вебинары у него бесплатные - то посмотри.
Но не вздумай платить деньги.



Klippers -8
Doc Rivers's team is the best clubs in the attacking plan, gathering on 107,9 points on the average for game, and within a victorious series — 115 points. It is difficult to present as "Utah" with its average 94 points will win against one of the strongest and deep in respect of a reserve of teams of the Western conference.
"Jazzmen" won only one of the last seven duels, and on the home field conceded in six of the past 10 battles. "Utah" is at the bottom of the West, "competing" with "Leykers" and "Sacramento" for the last place in conference. However it is necessary to recognize that else prior to the beginning of a season "Jazz" didn't apply for a playoffs.
Chris Paul, Blake Griffin will see off an excellent season and support at them the very decent has.
Recently the team amplified Granger. In last match he wrote into the account of 18 points, having shown that already started accustoming to new team. It is unlikely the nine-match victorious Klippers series which need to finish a regular season as it is possible above in Top-8, suddenly will interrupt in a match with the outsider of NBA.


Вы здесь » Спортивный форум SportWin.By » Сайты - разводилы » Есть инфа по нему?